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About Us

What can I expect?

When You Arrive

Once you step inside the doors of Chapel Pike Wesleyan (CPW), you can expect to receive a warm welcome, whether you are a regular attender or a first-time guest. There are greeters available, who will hand you a bulletin and provide direction to areas within the church. You can expect many handshakes and greetings because we care about who you are and we want you to feel right at home and a part of the church family. We have an information brochure that covers the various ministries and activities at CPW, such as children’s ministry, facilities, small groups, and service opportunities. If at any time you have questions, please feel free to ask an usher or greeter.


Worship is made up of a blend between traditional and contemporary music with a variety of instruments. You might find people raising their hands in praise, singing out loud, or simply just standing quietly and worshiping God in their own way. The Word of God is at the center of our worship, and it is our goal for each person to sense God’s presence through worship.

Service & Offering

During the offering, you are our guest. So don’t feel obligated to give. People who consider CPW their church home will give their offering, symbolizing their active commitment to the full work of Christ.

After Service

We consider fellowship to be a vital part of ministry. It’s our way to learn more about you and you more about us. After the service is a great opportunity to connect with one another. It’s a time when many friendships are developed and nurtured.

What should I wear?

You will find a variety of dress styles with a blend between casual and semi-formal. We believe that it’s not the style of clothing you are wearing that matters most but, rather, what is on the inside. You will find an accepting congregation that looks beyond the outward appearance.

What is there for my kids?

We believe that children deserve just as much care and attention as everyone else. We believe that ministry to children is a team effort between the church leaders and the parents, as we seek to strengthen their walk with the Lord. It is our purpose to teach children what it means to be living proof of a loving God that will last a lifetime. We believe that children have a vital and growing relationship with the Lord. Children have their own age-appropriate services on Sunday morning and night, as well as Wednesday night, called Kids For Christ.

What is a Wesleyan?

The Wesleyan Church is an evangelical, Protestant denomination. We offer the good news that faith in Jesus Christ makes possible a wonderful personal relationship with God–a holy life empowered by His Holy Spirit for witness and service, and assurance of eternal life in heaven. Our ministries emphasize practical Bible teaching, uplifting worship, and special programs to meet a variety of life needs.

With World Headquarters in Fishers, Indiana, the Wesleyan Church has nearly 400,000 constituents in 5,000 churches and missions in 80 countries of the world. Formed in 1968, resulting from the mergers of several like-minded groups, dating back as far as 1843, the Wesleyan Church has its roots in John Wesley’s Methodism.